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Mechanics Instruments

Mechanics Instruments is one of the areas of science which is concerned with the behavior of physical bodies in different circumstances. Several scientists together founded classical mechanics-a branch of classics physics and science. Later in 20th century, quantum mechanics was discovered. This new subject included classic mechanics as a sub-discipline. It explains and predicts molecular and (sub) atomic level processes. In the same era, Newton formed Newtonian mechanics and Einstein came up with general relativity. The areas covered in modern continuum mechanics are:

Plasticity, Elasticity, Fluid, Dynamics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics

For study and research of mechanics, many instruments are being used and some of which are listed below.

Key points:

  • Constant volume gas thermometer is used for calibration of other thermometers.
  • Thermometer is working example of zeroth law of thermodynamics.
  • The other mechanics instrument-Falling bodies apparatus offered by us demonstrates the independence of both, vertical and horizontal velocities of bodies falling under the gravity effect.
  • The fraction circle set comprises nine color coded circles used to visualize and distinguish the several fractional relationships to form a whole.
Constant Volume Gas Thermometer
Constant Volume Gas Thermometer
SB 05

Salient Features:

  • Can withstand varying temperature and pressure
  • Resistance against breakage
  • Provide accurate readings
Falling Bodies Apparatus
Falling Bodies Apparatus
SB 08

Salient Features:

  • Robust construction and light weight
  • Can withstand high impact
  • Requires negligible maintenance
Fraction Circle Set
Fraction Circle Set
SB 15

Additional details:

  • Min order as USD 1000.00
  • Port:    Delhi/Mumbai
  • Payment Terms:    L/C or Advance
  • Packaging & Delivery: as per buyer